SlashZeroX /0x unit[X,Y] sales Record

/0x is a Qora QNS, unit[X,Y] from [0,0] to [99,99]
Unit [X,Y] Owner image web address Info link website
A (Top 1%) Not for sale      
B 5x11 1-11
[1:1] to [11:5]
55 units
Y always 1 to 5
- - -
C 3x3 96-98 blue block      
D 3x3 1-3 blue block      
E 4x4 4-7 blue block      
F 5x5 8-12 blue block      
G 6x6 13-18 blue block      
I 2x2 49-50
[49:49] to [50:50]
4 units
Y always 49 to 50
NOT for resale
/freecity/favicon.ico YAWTI.COM, YAWTI = Timah = TIM = Symbol Mosaic 1E4967BAADB8E757 = AITWAY's Store The Reward Points
X 5x11 88-98
[88:88] to [98:91]
55 units
Y always 88 to 91
NOT for resale Computer IT and Blockchain services company @ Tanjong Pagar, Singapore
V 20x20 79-98 blue block      
W 10x10 1-10 blue block      
Y 7x42 29-70
[29:92] to [70:98]
294 units
Y always 92 to 98
These spaces till for sale, 2.87M YAWTI for same size. d08640114820290cac8c8e9cc4be1752.jpg?auto=format&dpr=1&w=1920 OpenSea NFT created by okchai, Qora2 the /i World NFT
Z (bottom last 1%) Not for sale      
Only [1:1] to [98:98] open for sale, 10,000Timah/unit

/0x is a web3 page, or decentralized page

with Qora software :
or via Qora full node gateway : http://[gateway web address]/0x

/i World map GPS[X,Y] sales Record

/i is a Qora QNS, GPS[X,Y] from [0.1:0.4] to [100:120]
GPS[X:Y] Owner image web address title Info link website
GPS[X:Y] for South Afica OpenSea NFT : i/4924.png
transaction date : 18 Aug 2023
Price : 0.13ETH
/i/4.png South Afica: link own by OpenSea NFT: i4924.png /sa001
A default QNS link
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0x web3 Screen Space
/0x QNS owned by okchai

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1M YAWTI/GPS[X:Y] about $1
/i World map
Ocean Blue Area
/i QNS owned by okchai


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