“六四”35周年:“揭秘”中共内幕的《天安门文件》为何引发真伪之辩 bbc.com

六四25周年:期盼平反 未圆的中国梦 bbc.com

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美国之音 , 2 June 2024

"Taiwan is one of the most important countries in the world. It is at the center of the electronics industry. The computer industry is built because of Taiwan, so it’s a very, very important country," he(Nvidia’s Jensen Huang) told a local reporter who asked for a comment as Huang was buying snacks at a night market in Taipei.
foxbusiness.com , 2 June 2024
Nvidia’s Jensen Huang promises new computing age led by Taiwanese tech.

Lai Ching-te becomes Taiwan president amid growing external and domestic challenges
voanews.com , 20 May 2024
中華民國第16任總統 : 賴清德總統,台灣總統。

'We will lead in our own way': Lawrence Wong takes office as fourth Prime Minister of Singapore
channelnewsasia.com , 15 May 2024
“We will find new ways to be more productive and innovative, and achieve a better balance where work is purposeful, and life is meaningful.” PM Wong 黄循財總理

Bitcoin ETFs Win SEC Approval, Broadening Crypto Access
coindesk.com , 11 January 2024
The asset management industry has tried launching a spot bitcoin ETF for over a decade. Hopes are high they will lure more investors into crypto.

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Singapore crosses record 3 billion gross tonnage mark in ship arrivals
channelnewsasia.com , 26 December 2023
The Port of Singapore reached 1 billion GT in 2004 and 2 billion GT in 2011.

Li Keqiang 李克強 : 3 July 1955 - 27 October 2023, aged 68.

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Why are bed bugs so difficult to deal with?
BBC , 20 October 2023
Bed bugs have recently been found in the seats of Eurostar trains between France and England, amid a high-profile infestation in Paris.

Ukraine’s special forces use daring raids and distraction tactics in bid to free Crimea
CNN , 18 October 2023
A swarm of Ukrainian jet skis races across the ocean under pitch black skies, visible only from the infra-red camera of a drone watching from above. They slow down as they approach the shore to avoid detection and hurry onto dry land.

“Crimea will be Ukrainian,” one of the men says in video footage seen by CNN after landing, holding a Ukrainian flag.

Israel-Hamas war: What you need to know in wake of deadly Gaza hospital strike
ChannelNewsAsia , 18 October 2023
Palestinian officials say the cause was an Israeli air strike, but Israelis Defense Forces blame a misfired rocket by the Palestinian militant group known as Islamic Jihad - which has denied responsibility.

Asian Games 2023: questions raised over picture of athletes wearing lane numbers 6 and 4

South China Morning Post , 4 October 2023
Wu Yanni and Lin Yuwei’s lane numbers inadvertently match the dates of the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown.
Pair pictured hugging after 100m hurdles final, with overseas media claiming it was deleted.

Marina Ovsyannikova: Anti-war Russian journalist sentenced in absentia
BBC , 5 October 2023
Moscow's court has sentenced journalist Marina Ovsyannikova, who protested live on air against Russia's invasion of Ukraine, to 8.5 years in jail.

Is China's economy a 'ticking time bomb'?
BBC , 31 August 2023
The past six months has brought a stream of bad news for China's economy: slow growth, record youth unemployment, low foreign investment, weak exports and currency, and a property sector in crisis.

Fukushima: Japan asks China to stop citizens making abusive calls
BBC , 28 August 2023
Japan has complained to China after local businesses and institutions were inundated with abusive phone calls over the Fukushima plant discharge.

Milan Kundera: 1 April 1929 - 11 July 2023, aged 94.

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