s u b f o l d e r

Qora Naming Service(QNS) is NFT
Qora is web3 the decentralizrd web
QNS is Qora web3 subfolder
web3 Qora is DEX ready
You can buy QNS at Qora DEX
then operate a web3 Qora subfolder

These ñ QNS are availabe at Qora DEX:

ñs.htm ñt.htm ñh.htm ñbark ñmiao Click it to see the web3 Qora subfolder content.

ñ QNS DEX records(28-05-2022):

ñs.htm : 8964Qora

ñt.htm : 8964Qora

ñh.htm : 8964Qora

ñbark : 15,000Qora

ñmiao : 10,000Qora

ña.htm to ñz.htm all are put up at DEX for sale

A for Apple, B for Banana, C for Car ..... .... buy X.htm then you can change the X content.

ñbark for ad-words-display at cheetah web3

ñmiao for ad-words-display at bunnny web3

What is DEX?

DEX is a decentralized exchange.
Qora wallet software is ready with DEX.
Get Qora token to do transaction and trade.

what is web3?

web3 is a decentralized website with DEX and tokenomy.

to build a web3site, you need Qora token to make WRITE transaction.

Qora web3site can access via local computer localhost, or Qora gateway site.

Qora is web3, more people use Qora will make it more decentralized, the tokenomy and DEX within the web3 Qora community will form a simple finance system, it is decentralized finance, DeFi.

What is Tokenomy?

In the Qora Blockchain world, you can create you own token, and trade it at the DEX.

Your token need your value-added support.

okchai create Timah token at Qora Blockchain, and provide liquidity for Qora-Timah at the DEX. Timah token is manually exchangeable with TIM token at Ardor blockchain. Indirectly, Timah-TIM with okchai's services, provide a way for Qora token liquidity. At a decentralized blockchain, Qora is for community to use, to create web3 content, to stake for blockchain PoS, listing at exchanges are optional.


current subfolder content:



current subfolder content



current subfolder content, content can be change if you own it.




current subfolder content:



current subfolder content:



Goto ñsubfolder or ñsubfolder3

current subfolder3 content (if I put subfolder2 content here, it will be a no ending loop!)