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QORA11 is an experimental prototype for the Qora forum page.

Password as a Seed
You can set your own password, and a list of Qora addresses will be created, but you need to choose an address and send some Qora to it, and then use the address to upload a post.

AirDrop password : qora11qora11
If you don't have Qora, use qora11qora11 as your password
Among the addresses, sellect QRTV1kyGL6DX4D7ZLZ1HBTDhixpUVxVc3S to upload post.
--KKbtv transaction record

To receive Qora AirDrop through QORA11, download and set up your own Qora wallet, and then upload your Qora address to the QORA11 forum page.


dSMS uses Ardor blockchain's unconfirmed transaction to communicate.

Use these addresses for testing :
password is 0

password is 1

Find a way to send a message to Okchai along with your Qora address.

Qora AirDrop 1 : airdrop seed

Download Qora https://github.com/Qoracoin/Qora/releases
add peers IP : , and to peers.json file.
Quick sync installation guide :
Setup a new wallet for yourself.

If you don't have any Qora token, setup another Qora wallet software with this seed :


Freecity and friends will AirDrop 3 Qora to this address if the balance is 0 :


QYDobAZH9qXBUF1QSJ2XU1MDtkvvSKKbtv transaction record

Use the 9EMD2-- seed to get it, then send all Qora to your own wallet.

By using Qora Messages, send your Qora address to Okchai, and he will send some Qora to that address.

Good content will get more Qora!

Qora AirDrop 2 : Like my Qblog to get 7Qora

Click to view the Qblog and like it to receive 7 Qora.

Why AirDrop?

Not for fun, but for a high standard of anonymity.