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            <meta name="description" content="/arcticcape is a web space for 'i/2039.png' (OpenSea NFT)">
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             <div id="content">
    <a href="/qns">Qora Naming Service(QNS)</a> /novayasibir is a web space for 'i/2039.png' 
    (<a href="https://opensea.io/collection/icolorsof4pixels">OpenSea NFT</a>). The owner of the NFT can send an HTML file (with terms and conditions) to 
     <a href="/index/blog.html?blogname=okchai">Okchai</a> for updating the web space below &LowerRightArrow; with an "iframe.".
       <iframe width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0" src="/]"></iframe>