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    <div class="header">
      <font size="2"><b>QNS web3page for</b></font>
     <a href="/aitway_v2"><< </a>
     <a href="/aitway"> >></a>
     <font size="2">This QNS is for sale at Qora Naming Service Exchange, buy it to upload your own webpage design.</font>
    <div class="navbar">
      <a href="https://aitway.com.sg">aitway's store</a>
      <a href="/index/blog.html?blogname=iblack" class="right">iblack Qblog</a>
    <div class="row">
      <div class="side">
         Pixels Drawing path:
         <p align="center">
         <i>http://(Qora-gateway-IP)</i><a href="/i/art-black-white">/i/art-black-white</a><br>
         <i></i><a href="/i/art-black-white">/i/art-black-white</a><br>    
    <font size="1" color="#198968">iframe for the pixels drawing path start : 280pixels</font><br>
           <iframe width="100%" height="280" frameborder="0" src="/i/art-black-white" name="iside" border="0"></iframe>
    <font  size="1" color="#198968"> iframe end here.</font>
      <p> is standard localhost IP address, 9090 is default TCP port for Qora web services. <br>
         Qora blockchain network is fully decentralized, you can <a href="/qora.htm">download</a> and maintain a full node serve as your own localhost, it is 
         100% Censorship-resistance. Basic knowledge for <i>decentralized</i> in blockchain: <br><br>
    no full node localhost means less decentralzied.
    <font size="2" color="#198968">QNS <i> /aitway_v2-iframe-news</i> (iframe start : 800pixels) </font><br>
           <iframe width="100%" height="800" frameborder="0" src="/aitway_v2-iframe-news" name="iside" border="0"></iframe>
     <font  size="1" color="#198968">QNS <i> /aitway_v2-iframe-news</i> iframe end here.</font>
        <h4>Do you know?</h4>
        You can create your own web3page at Qora<br><br>
        web3page under QNS is exchangeable between two wallets.<br><br>
      <div class="main">
       You can re-design this web3page after you successfully buy it!<br><br>
       The Pixels Drawing is a digital artwork by okchai( owner of QNS <a href="/i">/i</a>), click the <i>black</i> at the Pixels Drawing will 
       go to  <a href="/iblack">/iblack</a>(This web3page), QNS /iblack had been put up for sale(detail in the block record). All digital artworks under i/ and /artists are for view
       only, some of its hyperlink target QNS' had been put up for sales.  
         <font  size="1" color="#198968">QNS <i>/iblack</i> for sale block record (iframe start : 800pixels)</font><br> 
        <iframe width="100%" height="800" frameborder="0" src="/index/blockexplorer.html?block=850811" name="ifooter" border="0"></iframe>
     <font  size="1" color="#198968"> iframe end here. 
    <br>iframe is refer to HTML iframe tag, for import content to a webpage.  
      <h4>This /iblack is a Qora web3page</h4>
      	<i>The web3page belongs to the Qora address owner.</i><br><br>
      Register as a member of <a href="https://aitway.com.sg/index.php?route=product/category&path=24_64">aitway.com.sg</a> to get a FREE Aitway's QNS and 1000Timah. <br><br>
    All Aitway's QNS' are fully managed by AITWAY SYSTEM LLP, each with a web3page template (similar to this page).<br><br>
    TIM(Ardor-Ignis Blockchain), Timah(Qora Blockchain) and the Reward Points at <a href="https://aitway.com.sg">aitway.com.sg</a>, they are transferable between any 2 of the platforms.
    <div class="footer">
     <font size="5">
     <a href="/i/cn">&#20013;</a>
     <a href="/i/a">A</a>
     <a href="/i/b">B</a>
     <a href="/i/c">C</a>
     <a href="/i/d">D</a>
     <a href="/i/e">E</a>
     <a href="/i/f">F</a>
     <a href="/i/g">G</a>
     <a href="/i/h">H</a>
     <a href="/i/i">I</a>
     <a href="/i/j">J</a>
     <a href="/i/k">K</a>
     <a href="/i/l">L</a>
     <a href="/i/m">M</a>
     <a href="/i/n">N</a>
     <a href="/i/o">O</a>
     <a href="/i/p">P</a>
     <a href="/i/q">Q</a>
     <a href="/i/r">R</a>
     <a href="/i/s">S</a>
     <a href="/i/t">T</a>
     <a href="/i/u">U</a>
     <a href="/i/v">V</a>
     <a href="/i/w">W</a>
     <a href="/i/x">X</a>
     <a href="/i/y">Y</a>
     <a href="/i/z">Z</a>
     <a href="/i/1">1</a>
     <a href="/i/2">2</a>
     <a href="/i/3">3</a>
     <a href="/i/4">4</a>
     <a href="/i/5">5</a>
     <a href="/i/6">6</a>
     <a href="/i/7">7</a>
     <a href="/i/8">8</a>
     <a href="/i/9">9</a>
     <a href="/i/0">0</a>
     <a href="/index/showpost.html?msg=4z64ShrryU9m97cXzayE5uZxhqFP1hqTCnrbGAv8MCuSpCuACaQX6iTLcZ89eVZ7Ezi2qLqKZF9ueVWxN2kTXb2N">@</a>
    &nbsp; <a href="/twindao">&#174;</a>