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(ex = exchange)

1. Get Qora

2. Qora Name Services (QNS)

3. Qora blog (Qblog)

4. Qora decentralized web (web3)

5. Qora Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

6. Qora App


1. Get Qora

a) Using Timah services, get some Qora using Qora DEX.

b) Make an offer at Bitcointalk :Qora . ( Beware of scammer)

c) Start using Qora blockchain with Starter kit


2. Qora Name Services (QNS)

a) Qora token owners can buy and sell QNS using standard Qora wallet software.

b) QNS can function as a personal ID, for wallet address, Qblog, and decentralized web (web3).

c) QNS is similar to Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and ICANN domain name.


3. Qora blog (Qblog)

a) Using Qora to open a blog, Qblog. Example : Help Qblog

b) A like will give the blogger 5Qora, tips system.

c) with Qora API, you can create your own blog or contents page with your own tipping system.


4. Qora decentralized web (web3)

a) Qora software come with a standard web server, Jetty.

b) Qora decentralized web, or web3, fully support all kind of passive website design, HTML, HTML5, Javascript or any client side scripting.

c) Mainly design for localhost personal use, but the software can put up as a gateway to provide public content services.

d) Localhost is censorship resistance, but the gateway service providers have the right to filter for public good.

e) This web page is an example for Qora decentralized web, web3.


5. Qora Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

a) A simple DEX is working on top of the Qora blockchain.

b) The DEX function is simple, not as good as modern centralized exchange, but it work.

c) with Qora API, it is possible to make the DEX more advance.


6. Qora App

1. /quothprototype or /qora11 : A simple chat system, pay token to ask question, good for AI chatGPT integration.

2. /qorawebwallet : no https, NOT secure! Recommended localhost use only, localhost is secure, no need https.

3. /artists : PNG files library, HTML puzzles.