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Do you know?

You can create your own web3page at Qora

web3page under QNS is exchangeable between two wallets.

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This /aitway_v2 is a Qora web3page

/aitway_v2 is a Qora Name Service(QNS) registered by Qora address QQog48Nf18DzZpSW47XuDd6jy8QGHwUkV2 .

    The web3page belongs to the Qora address owner.

Register as a member of aitway.com.sg to get a FREE Aitway's QNS and 1000Timah.

All Aitway's QNS' are fully managed by AITWAY SYSTEM LLP, with a web3page template (similar to this page).

TIM(Ardor-Ignis Blockchain), Timah(Qora Blockchain) and the Reward Points at aitway.com.sg, they are transferable between any 2 of the platforms.