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    Qora has a bright future

    Interesting to see Qoras missile launching.

    Well, it was high time to say the least. The infamous bter wall @11 or @12 Satoshi (can't remember well) has fallen and from now on there is only way up. Unbelievers and impatient quick-profit seekers abandoned the ship, which makes the community healthier and gives room for a stable & healthy rise. The decicated developers team guarantee qoras success and bright future. Thanks to them, qora is and will stay cutting-edge from technology and user friendliness perspective.

    Qora provides the infrastructure for almost every wish - from creating an asset to posting freely and hosting websites. Top of the top coins from all POVs.

    Spread the word! Let the social network give speech to everyone who wants to express his opinion & thoughts, with no fear of censorship. It can even be used as a news channel - free & democratic!

    Qora's future is even brighter:
    1) There is a poll regarding an integration with BitShares
    2) Dev hangout in Beyond Bitcoin has already been done
    3) A wonderful video regarding qora has been made (you can search it in other posts)
    and the list goes on (new website design planned, decentralized search engine done, BOOST block explorer and many more).

    Just think of it.. we are here, writing posts using cryptocurrency tech!! Isn't that great??

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    Linebreak test & so on

    just testing the linebreak


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