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    Aug 29, 2015, 9:07:40 PM

    Hijack Bitcoin Faucets and other Services

    Here's an easy Set'n'Forget solution on how to instantly convert Bitcoin Earnings to BitShares, Ethereum, or NXT with a one time setup and a reusable single Bitcoin Address...

    LEARN HOW: http://blog.smartcoin.pw/2015/08/how-to-bitshares-hijack-bitcoin-faucets.html

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    Aug 17, 2015, 9:00:50 PM

    Development Updates

    the following is already done in will be in the next version:
    -possibility to get a unique link for a blogpost, this way you can give someone the link and it will show your post
    -added preview for websites
    the name says it all, this allows you to check if your qora website is good looking before posting it to blockchain

    -added possibility to have more than one website per name! With the new version you can store your website under any key.
    Suppose you already have the website qoranightsky which can be found with running wallet here (or for people without wallet here http://qora.co.in:9090/qoranightsky)
    (This website is stored in namestorage of the name qoranightsky under key "website", for the guys who like technical details)
    Now you can make e.g. a page under the key "about" and add that to the blockchain, then that page can be found here (or http://qora.co.in:9090/qoranightsky/about).
    The main website will stay qoranightsky of course, but now you can also link from your page to the new about page e.g.

    -added possibility to have more interactive websites
    In the next version you will have easy access to blockchain information and will also have access to information regarding the visitor and can therefore make interactive personalized websites:
    Some examples how this works! If you add this to your page it will display the qoranightsky website! {{namestoragemap.getOpt("qoranightsky","website")}}
    Of course you can use any name and any key here.
    (Technical Details: You read from the namestorage of qoranightsky the key website)
    You can also have personalized message for visitors: Hi, {{activeProfile.getName().getName()}}
    There are plenty of other things you can access like the names of the current wallet, AT information....
    To show you how powerful this is I also created a Send Money webpanel (fully decentralized in qora web), that fully works and can be added to every name! Once v23 is out I will publish it here.
    For people who want to create interactive websites here is the framework that is used and will help you understand how you can enhance everything http://www.mitchellbosecke.com/pebble/home)

    -added gui possibility to make large updates to websites (to be more precise to any key)
    The current gui only allowed to make small websites (3000 chars), the core already has more abilities and that is why we will activate an easy way to create bigger websites. If a website does not fit in one arbitrary transaction it will automatically create more than one! This is transparent for the user, so you create a large website and will just see the api call and the amount of qora you need to pay and it will create all txs for you.

    -added possibility to edit any key in websitebuilder
    At the moment you only edit the key website when you deploy a website. The websitebuilder will now allow to change any key from namestorage. This is currently under work, maybe there will be another

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    Jul 26, 2015, 4:52:53 PM

    New Poll!

    new poll that was born during the hangout with Beyond Bitcoin

    http://qora.co.in/?q=integrate+qora+to+bitshares&poll "Integrate Qora (in any form) to BitShares?"

    Learn more about BitShares_
    BitShares 2.0 SmartCoin Tech Overview [YouTube] http://blog.smartcoin.pw/2015/07/bitshares-20-smartcoin-tech-overview.html

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    Jul 26, 2015, 4:52:49 PM

    Qora & CIYAM Dev Hangout July 25th at 2PM UTC

    Scheduled contributors include : Vrontis, Ian Knowles, vbcs and cass.

    Show Page : https://goo.gl/U90x5Y