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  • shared vrontis post
    Nov 23, 2015, 4:14:30 PM

    Version 0.24.0 Release

    The v0.24.0 release includes the following updates:

    • Faster implementation of Base58

    • Added support for all languages based on UTF-8 for Qora web

    • Multilanguage support in blog for #hashtags and @mentions

    • Revision of Asset Exchange

    • Block Explorer optimization (boost is not needed)

    • Block Explorer transactions filter

    • API for messaging service

    • API for assets (limited)

    • Revision Control System Upgrade

    • Delete owned unconfirmed transactions that has not been propagated into the network

    • Improvement for logging system

    • Updated third-party libraries

    • Minor optimizations and bug fixes

    Download :
    Virus Total :
    MD5 : 61c79eea8518fd37040aacfc619343df
    SHA1 : 351737d1c0a9caf70b56d15aba5d49132ea29ad9
    SHA256 : 849309226719f39a58b8ab395062c557f91a6655f7165b4e012ec5f6532d7bf2

    Download Qora-v0.24.0.exe :
    Virus Total :
    MD5 : 7f926ad365bc0305af05e680a293e8a5
    SHA1 : e8aef6215c0e9fffcf078153d4c0b17310cb9e49
    SHA256 : dcca63e9794346e6b92e53b5a9dc1570fae1c7acff4af2ee2f3b0c20a68e7c93

  • shared skerberus post
    Oct 11, 2015, 8:38:19 AM

    Some Development Updates

    The new release is near :).

    Before we release the new version in a couple of days I would like to mention another feature that we have added the last days:
    -Storing Arbitrary files on blockchain.
    This way you will be able to add e.g. a decentralized image to your website or store css files for your website or whatever you like.
    In order to prevent blockchain spamming we will limit this feature to 50 arbitrary transactions at once at first and will also increase the fee for transaction batches.
    50 arbitrary transaction should be enough to store images or files with size of atleast 100 KB.

    To show you the new version agran uploaded the current testbranch to his website, so on you can already explore it with nearly all features that will be in the next release.
    Here are some test images I already uploaded to the blockchain: (96kb and approx 37 txs) (460Kb and approx 179 txs) <--- this image was added before enabling the batch size, and should show you that there is really no limitation.

    If you want to use a blockchain image on your website or profile you can just use /2ndtest/nature (/) or {{namestoragemap.getOpt("2ndtest","nature"}} if you want to have the whole image as base64 in your website

    To show you guys the power of the new websites I created a webwallet and nameregister website! This can be done by everyone with own design and features:

    You can also already explore the new Hashtag search:

    The namestoragehistory can be found here:

    Aug 29, 2015, 5:21:42 AM

    Qora - the adventure continues

    Well, it's been more than a month. A hot summer month where most of qora users were away from home for holidays. So an inactive period is totally justified.

    But was this period inactive for qora developers team too?
    Not at all! From what I can tell a version with new features is near (1 - 2 weeks from now). We can see more details here:

    I feel that the qora dev team deserves congratulations, not only because they keep enhancing Qoras platform, but also because they were working hard even in the summer period.
    @devs: Good work! Your dedication builds trust and helps the community growth a lot.

    Regarding the price action:

    The BTC/altcoin market may be in a bearish mode, but with constant development and the right promotion we will still see Qora's price climbing.
    Signature campaigns, rewards for building services (e.g. games, ecommerce) on top of Qora platform, announcements & participation in cryptocoin conferences will also be of valuable assistance.
    A platform that is too ahead from all coins right now (even the latest released ones) needs and should be in a waaaaay better position regarding the marketcap.
    Good news is the volume is up since the latest release and now there is also CCEDK, a truly trustfull exchange which qora users can use.

    Some ideas:

    The following would be great add-ons for Qora platform:
    Decentralized reddit
    Decentralized Qora forum -> redirect all BTT users there
    Decentralized chat rooms
    Decentralized auction site

    Also I was thinking: what would everyone think regarding an announcement-call for angels/investors that will build services on top of Qora? The services could be anything - from games to decentralized betting etc

    Let's not forget to feed the infinite loop AT that delivers 50 Qora to whoever finds the next block :)

  • shared twospirit post
    Aug 29, 2015, 4:41:54 AM

    Overview of Qora II - The Situation 2/2

    I have to say that I appreciate what these guys have done so far. They are first class developers just like Ethereum and Maidsafe people. And what they are missing is just better background and more reactions from the rest of crypto world. And maybe some helping hands too. To get Qora rid of the last bugs (like the neverending „closing Qora with cross“ story), so the client would be ready for masses. The position of Qora isn’t easy. People tend to ignore what we are doing. I am afraid, that only because they fear for their investment somewhere else. We should focus on making them try Qora. We don’t need more investors who buy and hold. This is senseless for crypto that was designed to be used every day. So this is a call for you, we need new members of our community. No worries, once they try Qora, they will stay!

  • shared twospirit post
    Aug 29, 2015, 4:41:49 AM

    Overview of Qora II - The Situation 1/2

    Considering very dynamic development of last months and the fact that there never was any kind of newsletter before, I decided to sum up things regarding Qora’s current developement status and also analyze it’s position in crypto world. In last months, Qora brought to life two highly important „features“. Firstly, Automated Transactions went live on May 17th. Soon after, world’s first Atomic Cross-Chain Transfer happened between Qora and Burst blockchains under the direction of CIYAM team. Secondly, with latest 0.22 release a social network has been introduced as a usecase of the next big thing – the decentralized web. Some necessary updates and bug fixes improved the client too, but lets focus on AT and DW.

    Although Automated Transactions and especially the ACCT event interested some people in crypto world, the final impact was not so hard, as one would expect, and we failed to draw a proper attention to Automated Transactions (so far). Few experimented with ACCT’s and vbcs later added a nice example – the infinite loop rewarding forgers with 50 Qora – truly smart solution. People probably haven’t yet completely realized that Automated Transactions are working Smart Contracts, the key mechanism for 2.0 coins, and it’s in fact the same thing, what Ethereum is about to bring soon. Qora with AT does what Ethereum does (or will do).

    Comparing Ethereum’s IPO (21k BTC) and Qora’s market cap (1400 BTC), something isn’t right here, but put the market aside now. It’s known that people invest mostly because of a promise of profit, rather than because they want to use the technology. But I believe they are there developers waiting for Ethereum release, so why don’t we get them for Qora? Some of them? I think it’s time for key stakeholders to release some funds and motivate these guys, because we need them. We need them the same way Ethereum needs them too.

    Our advantage and bait could be the second important feature – a decentralized web, which is by the way the key aim of Maidsafe project. Yes, Qora does what Maidsafe will do. Qora developers tied Names with Arbitrary Transactions, so they created NameStorage service – a database management system for semi-structured data in blockchain. Engine for decentralized applications has been started. Tools for 3rd party developers are ready and Qora core team hints, that more can be expected soon. „Lot of usecases have become already possible to be made by talented ones and we have more to add for them, at least we are working on connecting two important dots and after that, almost everything will be possible,“ said Qora team to me. And they continued: „we also want the common user, who has troubles with difficult logic of AT, to be able to create his own smart contract comfortably“.

  • shared skerberus post
    Aug 29, 2015, 4:39:06 AM

    Development Updates

    the following is already done in will be in the next version:
    -possibility to get a unique link for a blogpost, this way you can give someone the link and it will show your post
    -added preview for websites
    the name says it all, this allows you to check if your qora website is good looking before posting it to blockchain

    -added possibility to have more than one website per name! With the new version you can store your website under any key.
    Suppose you already have the website qoranightsky which can be found with running wallet here (or for people without wallet here
    (This website is stored in namestorage of the name qoranightsky under key "website", for the guys who like technical details)
    Now you can make e.g. a page under the key "about" and add that to the blockchain, then that page can be found here (or
    The main website will stay qoranightsky of course, but now you can also link from your page to the new about page e.g.

    -added possibility to have more interactive websites
    In the next version you will have easy access to blockchain information and will also have access to information regarding the visitor and can therefore make interactive personalized websites:
    Some examples how this works! If you add this to your page it will display the qoranightsky website! {{namestoragemap.getOpt("qoranightsky","website")}}
    Of course you can use any name and any key here.
    (Technical Details: You read from the namestorage of qoranightsky the key website)
    You can also have personalized message for visitors: Hi, {{activeProfile.getName().getName()}}
    There are plenty of other things you can access like the names of the current wallet, AT information....
    To show you how powerful this is I also created a Send Money webpanel (fully decentralized in qora web), that fully works and can be added to every name! Once v23 is out I will publish it here.
    For people who want to create interactive websites here is the framework that is used and will help you understand how you can enhance everything

    -added gui possibility to make large updates to websites (to be more precise to any key)
    The current gui only allowed to make small websites (3000 chars), the core already has more abilities and that is why we will activate an easy way to create bigger websites. If a website does not fit in one arbitrary transaction it will automatically create more than one! This is transparent for the user, so you create a large website and will just see the api call and the amount of qora you need to pay and it will create all txs for you.

    -added possibility to edit any key in websitebuilder
    At the moment you only edit the key website when you deploy a website. The websitebuilder will now allow to change any key from namestorage. This is currently under work, maybe there will be another

  • shared post
    Aug 29, 2015, 4:38:58 AM

    Qora reloads with social network and new 2.0 features

    Innovative coins are few – so it’s great that Qora, which pretty much vanished from sight last year, is back with a vengeance.

    Full Article :

    Jul 26, 2015, 5:00:08 AM

    Qora has a bright future

    Interesting to see Qoras missile launching.

    Well, it was high time to say the least. The infamous bter wall @11 or @12 Satoshi (can't remember well) has fallen and from now on there is only way up. Unbelievers and impatient quick-profit seekers abandoned the ship, which makes the community healthier and gives room for a stable & healthy rise. The decicated developers team guarantee qoras success and bright future. Thanks to them, qora is and will stay cutting-edge from technology and user friendliness perspective.

    Qora provides the infrastructure for almost every wish - from creating an asset to posting freely and hosting websites. Top of the top coins from all POVs.

    Spread the word! Let the social network give speech to everyone who wants to express his opinion & thoughts, with no fear of censorship. It can even be used as a news channel - free & democratic!

    Qora's future is even brighter:
    1) There is a poll regarding an integration with BitShares
    2) Dev hangout in Beyond Bitcoin has already been done
    3) A wonderful video regarding qora has been made (you can search it in other posts)
    and the list goes on (new website design planned, decentralized search engine done, BOOST block explorer and many more).

    Just think of it.. we are here, writing posts using cryptocurrency tech!! Isn't that great??

  • shared QRANpSQG9uY5fVrfFXYdS6FsTEgQ6upHgY post
    Jul 26, 2015, 4:39:12 AM
  • shared favdesu post
    Jul 26, 2015, 4:36:27 AM

    New Poll!

    new poll that was born during the hangout with Beyond Bitcoin "Integrate Qora (in any form) to BitShares?"

    Learn more about BitShares_
    BitShares 2.0 SmartCoin Tech Overview [YouTube]

    Jul 26, 2015, 4:31:24 AM

    Welcome to my home

    Welcome visitor,

    hope you'll find something interesting and valuable here.

    Wish us all a nice journey!