• qortal
    Oct 10, 2019, 2:05:19 AM

    QORT wiki updates

    We have been hard at work adding as much information as possible to the QORT wiki, to get the ideas and concepts out to the people interested in the project.


    Eventually this will be hosted on QORT itself. The future is bright with QORT.

  • qortal
    Oct 10, 2019, 2:01:42 AM

    QORT Router Launch presale

    That's right, the presale for the QORT Router has begun!


  • qortal
    Oct 7, 2019, 6:56:25 AM

    Introducing: The QORT Router

    A blockchain-focused network security device that has been built completely by open source. QORT Router features are unlike anything ever seen before on any type of device - let alone a router! This includes access to the QORT blockchain and all QORT services by default, the ability to have your router pay for your internet connection, security beyond that of any router and the ability to utilize non-blockchain related features.
    We are looking for any collaborators with any skill relevant to the project to contribute! If you have skill in art, 3D printing or anything else that you feel may be relevant to the project, please reach out! We will list your name on all websites, announcements, etc. related to the project as well as provide you with a device for your own personal use FREE OF CHARGE (given the success of the pre-sale if it is anything as we imagine it will be)! Come assist a community focused project with goal of world decentralization and open source domination!

  • qortal
    Oct 7, 2019, 6:38:27 AM

    QORT Router - Step 1 of the Qortal project launch

    Hello world!

    We are going to take the first step in the direction of launching the Qortal blockchain project. To those of you who are aware, this is the project that initially was founded utilizing the ideas from QORA.

    To start the project off right, we are issuing a pre-sale for our hardware device we created specifically for QORT. This device is to function as a router on your home network, thus securing you from all the newest internet threats, as well as providing you with a plethora of other services both on and off the QORT blockchain.

    We hope this device will help those who are not as tech friendly to be able to setup their QORT full node easily, and start earning utilizing the QORT minting system.

    This blog will host the information for that announcement, thus proving that the concepts for the decentralized internet are already there in the previous project, QORA... those ideas that we have now enhanced quite a bit, to be built into the new QORT project.

    Get ready QORA community, because we're less than a month from launch!

    Following posts will contain information on the pre-sale for the hardware device, the QORT Router.

    Thank you!