1. get some Ignis or Ardor for exchange.
2. Download Ardor Lite wallet (iOS, Android), or Ardor Desktop wallet (Windows 10 , MacOS, Linux).
3. Withdraw Ignis or Ardor to your Ardor wallet.
4. convert Ardor to Ignis at the DEX in the wallet.
5. Under Ignis chain environment, go to Asset Exchange.
6. Get some TIM (Verified Asset Id :18330576449896160871 )
7. Download Qora wallet, create account, sync to serve as full node.
8. Send TIM token to ARDOR-WGA4-W6N6-EE6X-36GCK ( okchai's Ardor account for TIM services)

[click to learn the process]
9. TIM token at Ardor blockchain will swap with TIMAH token at Qora Blockchain. (FREE 5Qora for new wallet)
10. Use TIMAH to buy some Qora at DEX in Qora Blockchain.