A real test for QORA decentralized blockchain.
1 PASL (QORA asset) = PascalLite ( pascallite.com )
Each PASL asset unit is backed by a PascalLite coin held in the reserves of
the pascalLite account 182018-77 and can be redeemed through
the Messages in Qora wallet.
To redeemed PASL QORA asset, use Messages service in QORA wallet,
just send your PascalLite wallet account number and amount
to QORA address QMZwrMVDW8L5CTb896ubMeRWUBjiG4cQAi.
PASL asset withdrawal fee : 0.5PASL
Withdrawal confirmation : minimum 500 block time
Exchange service is available in supported version of QORA Wallet software.
PASL market price ( CoinmarketCap website) : USD$0.022266 date 4 Aug 2018, all 9999PASL Qora asset
are worth about USD$222,only exchange your QORA with me if you trust me.
Here is the offer link ( need a local full node QORA blockchain to view ):