Human-meaningful: Meaningful and memorable (low-entropy) names are provided to the users.

Secure: The amount of damage a malicious entity can inflict on the system should be as low as possible.

Decentralized: Names correctly resolve to their respective entities without the use of a central authority or service.

For web portal under Qora Name Services (QNS) :
1. Register a QNS using Qora token, it can be 100% human-meaningful.

2. Browse through trusted publishers, If you trust okchai, use okchai's indexing services, More trustworthy means more secure.

3. More full nodes alive means more decentralized. Qora needs you to help create a better decentralized web portal ecosystem.

Qora blockchain genesis occurred on May 16, 2014, the earliest web portal ecosystem to fulfillZooko's triangle terms. Challenge me if I am wrong.