xn--New Asset with Monthly Payout of the Forging Income / Highly Secure

Asset Name Qora Forging Asset / Highly Secure
Total number available 100.000.000
Price 1 qora
Asset Number (ID) 100
Owner - QNuGxA287pdkJaRp4gpdRE5u5XXGpff2nB

100% Payout monthly of the income by forging. This asset pays out 100% of the income generated by forging to the investors.

Guaranteed monthly payout! Every first day of the month i will payout all assets. Regardless how long you are owner oft them. Also if you bought the assets one day before the first.

Why and Save Investment! The payouts are made by forging of blocks. As more qora someone has, as more blocks could be generated. Also the chance of generating a block with high fees is higher than if you solo forge.
Instant Cashout without loss. If I stop paying out the asset, then i will buyback all sold assets. For this i will place a buy back order.

Bobafett is my username in Bitcointalk.org. Im mining and investing in Burst since the beginning. I invested over 10000 Euros since now in Burst (bought with btc) and mining hardware. Until now i never sold any of my coins because i really belive this coin has a bright future. Now i joined the qora community, as qora could do ACCT with Burst.

Pool.burstcoin.de is the Pool of Burstcoin.de. Hardware Dual Quad Core Xeon with 3.0 Ghz, 24GB Ram, Internet 1GBit with DDos Protectoin, Fail Safe Replicated Host with Fallback, Geo location Germnany Quality Made in Germany, Pool Software Urays V2 pool modified and error fixed Version from Blago (thanks to blago for the support)

To Invest:
1. open your wallet
2. go to tab assets
3. click on all assets
4. go to asset ID 100, doubleclick
5. click on "open qora pair"
6. on the left upper side you find "sell qora"
7. put in the left upper field price "1"
8. put in in the amount field, the amount you want to buy, for example if you want to buy 100k, put in 100000
9. click on the sell button (the left one)
10. finish.