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This QNS is for sale at Qora Naming Service Exchange, buy it to upload your own webpage design.

Pixels Drawing path:


iframe for the pixels drawing path start : 500pixels
iframe end here. is standard localhost IP address, 9090 is default TCP port for Qora web services.
Qora blockchain network is fully decentralized, you can download and maintain a full node serve as your own localhost, it is 100% Censorship-resistance. Basic knowledge for decentralized in blockchain:

no full node localhost means less decentralzied.

QNS /aitway_v2-iframe-news (iframe start : 800pixels)
QNS /aitway_v2-iframe-news iframe end here.

Do you know?

You can create your own web3page at Qora

web3page under QNS is exchangeable between two wallets.

You can re-design this web3page after you successfully buy it!

The Pixels Drawing is a digital artwork by okchai( owner of QNS /i), click the white at the Pixels Drawing will go to /iwhite(This web3page), QNS /iwhite had been put up for sale(detail in the block record). All digital artworks under i/ and /artists are for view only, some of its hyperlink target QNS' had been put up for sales.

QNS /iwhite for sale block record (iframe start : 800pixels)
iframe end here.
iframe is refer to HTML iframe tag, for import content to a webpage.

This /iwhite is a Qora web3page

The web3page belongs to the Qora address owner.

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All Aitway's QNS' are fully managed by AITWAY SYSTEM LLP, each with a web3page template (similar to this page).

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