Q u n i v e r s i t y

| HTML coding |
The basic code for web design, focus on Qora integration.

| Javascript |
Pure Qora webpage is passive website, can be limited active website only for Qora full node users. Both JavaScript and HTML are client-side scripts/codes.

| Qora /artists web design |
using /i and /artists PNG files library to create webpage, digital artwork.

| Java |
Qora software is writen using JAVA programming language.

| Jetty web server |
When you run Qora software, Jetty web server will automatically ON.

| Eclipse Desktop & Web IDEs |
Famous for Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

| GitHub repositories |
Qora source code stored at Github.

| MapDB database |
Qora's database is MapDB.

| Decentralization Philosophy |
Why we use Qora?

| Blockchain Study |
To build a good, real blockchain.

| Economy and finance courses |
Focus on the real De-Fi, and the Qora Asset tokens usage.

| NFT and QNS course |
Qora Naming Service(QNS) study.

Freedom is not free

Master in Qora Blockchain

Qora need more experts to grow

Think Decentralized

Philosophy study for Ddcentralization

Definition of blockchain

The origin of blockchain is decentralized, no single point of failure.

Fintech or De-Fi ?

Understand the core of modern electronic finance mechanics


The usage of Qora Naming Service(QNS), creativity brainstorming