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    Aug 2, 2015, 7:06:52 AM

    BitShares Dev Hangout with bytemaster on Shareholder Approval

    July 31, 2015

    Bytemaster talks Ethereum, BitShares, the crypto landscape and where they will likely end up. Project updates are not talked about other than to say that the GitHub repository can show the work done in the past week – and bytemaster is now learning to code the front end. Plenty more inside everyone. Sit down with the beyond bitcoin community and stay awhile.

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    Jul 28, 2015, 4:36:48 PM

    Bonus Hangout with Vrontis on Qora and a Decentralized Web

    Today on Beyond Bitcoin we step outside of the BitShares box and talk with Vrontis, one of the Developers at a very innovative cryptocurrency called Qora. He was joined by fellow Qora Developer vbcs from CIYAM, but unfortunately his microphone was not working so we will have the CIYAM team back for a hangout another time.

    With a storybook background complete with crickets and church bells, Vrontis had plenty to tell us about from Greece, like a decentralized web server built into the Qora client. He also unveiled Qora’s new social media feature that Qora Developer agran helped bring to life. Vrontis also covered Qora’s ability to use smart contracts to perform atomic cross-chain transactions (ACCT), which are client-to-client transactions from one cryptocurrency to another. In this case the ACCT was between the Qora and Burst blockchains, but any cryptocurrency can implement automated transactions (AT) and then trade with any other participating coin.

    Another key feature of Qora is Voting. Any user can create a poll and have stakeholders vote. The decision for Vrontis to take over as lead developer of Qora was voted on the blockchain by the Qora stakeholders after the founding Developer had to leave for personal reasons prior to the implementation of automated transactions.

    Other features in Qora include : Transferable Names, User Issued Assets and Encrypted Messaging. But by far the most impressive feature in Qora v22 is the decentralized web server and seeing the possibilities in the social media site’s it allows each person to easily create.

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    Jul 27, 2015, 7:08:54 PM


    "Reward 10,000 Qora with trading of 100,000 Qora within 1 week to the first 500 unique users trading Qora." - Ronny Boesing

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    Jul 27, 2015, 4:56:14 AM

    Qora has a bright future

    Interesting to see Qoras missile launching.

    Well, it was high time to say the least. The infamous bter wall @11 or @12 Satoshi (can't remember well) has fallen and from now on there is only way up. Unbelievers and impatient quick-profit seekers abandoned the ship, which makes the community healthier and gives room for a stable & healthy rise. The decicated developers team guarantee qoras success and bright future. Thanks to them, qora is and will stay cutting-edge from technology and user friendliness perspective.

    Qora provides the infrastructure for almost every wish - from creating an asset to posting freely and hosting websites. Top of the top coins from all POVs.

    Spread the word! Let the social network give speech to everyone who wants to express his opinion & thoughts, with no fear of censorship. It can even be used as a news channel - free & democratic!

    Qora's future is even brighter:
    1) There is a poll regarding an integration with BitShares
    2) Dev hangout in Beyond Bitcoin has already been done
    3) A wonderful video regarding qora has been made (you can search it in other posts)
    and the list goes on (new website design planned, decentralized search engine done, BOOST block explorer and many more).

    Just think of it.. we are here, writing posts using cryptocurrency tech!! Isn't that great??

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    Jul 27, 2015, 4:50:21 AM

    New Poll!

    new poll that was born during the hangout with Beyond Bitcoin "Integrate Qora (in any form) to BitShares?"

    Learn more about BitShares_
    BitShares 2.0 SmartCoin Tech Overview [YouTube]

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    Jul 27, 2015, 3:16:07 AM

    Bonus Hangout with BrotherJohnF from "Silver for the People"

    BrotherjohnF from Silver For The People talks with the BitShares Community about physical silver and his experiences with cryptocurrencies.

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    Jul 27, 2015, 3:10:20 AM

    Bonus Hangout with Jim Willie from

    Jim Willie is essentially an Icon in the new economy movement and I am not entirely certain he realizes it yet. He brings high quality Economics forecasting content to his customers at the Golden Jackass Report’s Homepage:

    This content is generally based on Geopolitical and Geoeconomic events, coupled with some insider leaks and a skill in data analytics that helps him paint a vivid picture of current world events. He does so liberally with a wide and wet brush. I’d have it no other way.

    I hope everyone enjoys learning from him and also our conversations about the blockchain (with special consideration for BitShares) and the potential solutions it enables our current paradigm’s as-yet-irreconcilable problems. This will be fun for everyone despite the dark tone of some of the forecasting because although Jim’s focus isn’t forecasting sun-shiney days, at least his delivery has a level of humor. I hope you brought your thinking cap…and maybe a fresh pint to set the tone!”

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    Jul 27, 2015, 2:41:36 AM

    Qora - A Better Web

    While the value of bitcoin has teetered between 200 and 300 USD throughout the first quarter of 2015, several upstart cryptocurrencies have experienced a period of substantial growth given the inherent volatility of the crypto-market. One such coin is Qora.

    Open-source, Qora is a proof-of-stake coin with all of its shares beginning in play. Rather than being ‘mined’ periodically, a process which draws heavily on the computing power of the miner, Qora coins are generated through a process referred to as “forging” by randomly selecting a participating Qora account to confirm that the next block of transactions are correct. The selected account is then rewarded with all transaction fees from the solved block. As time passes, those who hold Qora will see it continue to grow as they continue to forge; that is, their wallets continue to process transactions and earn fees.

    Forging’s primary purpose is to protect the network and ensure that transactions are verified, thus fraud is virtually non-existent. Those who help to protect and run the network are rewarded through transaction fees earned whenever a wallet forges a block. To further ensure the safety of the network and it’s users, Qora boast deterministic and password protected wallets that can be recovered / generated from seeds.

    Its creator hails it as a “second-generation cryptocurrency” designed from scratch. While a vast number of other cryptos have built upon, borrowed, or copied from the original algorithms featured in bitcoin, Qora’s founder deviated from this industry practice in an attempt to bring flexibility and ease-of-use to its users. With a lower barrier-to-entry than its alternatives, Qora is thus an attractive option for long-term investors who have been itching to enter the cryptomarket.

    Despite its volatility, the burgeoning cryptomarket presents ample opportunity for Qora and its stakeholders to continue growing. Stakeholders may have the chance to see the value of their investment increase tenfold. Qora’s addition of new developersto its team has rallied its market share in recent months with the promise of new and updated features.

    One feature found in few cryptocurrencies today is Name Payments, which allows Qora holders to send payments to a name registered on the blockchain. These names can be bought and sold within the client on the Naming Services internal exchange. As an added security feature, payments sent to names that are for sale on the internal exchange will be forbidden as long as they are for sale. Names with a leading or trailing space-character will be permanently forbidden for name payments. The Name Payments feature is scheduled to be included in the next release (v19) along with a MapDB update and some minor fixes. Windows, MAC and Linux versions will all be updated.

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    Jul 27, 2015, 1:56:47 AM

    Qora - A Better Web

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